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The first

2009-06-02 17:12:22 by Super-Sock-Hero

and hopefully not the last entry I make on my newgrounds account. I feel kind of silly for having this account for years and only now am I beginning to make use for it. Well since this space is used to update fans and maybe other same minded individuals, I guess I have no choice but to start a introduction. I might sometimes go as the alias of zildjen (this is nickname used for gaming mostly, however if you consider newgrounds, you could class it as one big fun game)
Ok here is some stuff that will help you know me better:
Music genre:
Film genre:
Game genre:
However this is usually affected by the current mood of the individual that is myself.
There we go now thats done I guess we can safely move on to the purpose of why I am here. To fulfill a goal most contributers have in this site, reach the front page!
I could also go on about alot of stuff of how helpful the features on newgrounds but I wont... most of you know it anyway but in brief.

Improves evaluation and anaylatical abilities.

Develops and maintains a good approach to criticism and how to use it for improvement.

Widen and increase influences (so many good artists, musicians and animators oh and not forgetting the game designers).

Use the building block technique to eventually work out the path to the front page.

Oh yeah and I hope to establish some foot hold in producing music for games.

Think thats everything wrapped up, maybe a bit too much for the average patients but goodluck :).